Is Magic Dead?

Depending on who you ask, magic is either dead, or it isn't. Those who believe that it is tend to be a nightmare for a beginner magicians confidence, but recently I've found myself starting to think that maybe Madison is right. Maybe magic is dead.

Long gone are the days when a "magician" could show someone an effect and have their jaws drop and eyes fill with childlike awe. The age we live in has people desensitised to things as trivial as "magic" and the best close-ups I have seen have gotten at most "That's cool" and a glance at their mates as if to say "Is this joker serious?"

The fact seems to be that most grown people don't want to waste their exciting night in a bar watching a "magic trick" they came to get wasted, and thats exactly what they'll do.

Perhaps this idea of whether magic was dead or not percolated to the forefront of my mind as the only gigs I get at the moment are in a bar where most people aren't there to see magic and want you to stay away from them. Though most are respectable, the "How dare you approach me without permission" attitude of many others is something that makes me question if I should be attempting to utilise the skills I spend so long learning, at all, when most offers to use them are so quickly dismissed.

I had the thought that magic was dead a few weeks ago but thought that surely if someone booked a magician for an event, all those at that event would have an appreciation for the art. With this in mind I set about e-mailing event organisers, venues, agencies, the full 9. And now, more than 4 weeks later, i've had no response. Not even a simple no.

You can decide for yourself, but from what I've experienced.

Magic Is Dead.

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