Performance Review: 24-7-15

So, this gig went the same as every Friday night gig I have. I arrived at the Anchor Complex at 8:50 and sat in the foyer listening to music to kill the murderous nerves that I get every-time I perform anywhere. I started my set having forgotten my shiny new professional business cards on the busiest night I've had, great.

I get started and performed for a crowd of English gentlemen, they really like it I even managed to get a clap from a gambling demonstration. I know, crazy. The rest of the night was probably the best night I've had since I began my study of the deceptive practices. 

At 11pm, the amazing Rodd Hogg arrived whilst I was finishing up giving a preview of my wedding act to a great couple. I made my way over whilst he was performing a transposition effect that looked marvellous, for you card magicians, think the ambitious card meets LSD. During the time I got to chat with Rodd he was extremely pleasant. 

Eventually it got very warm in the room we were in so I stepped out in to the complex's foyer and sat down where I was joined by two people that were so receptive to the effects I was performing for them that I remembered why I still actively seek people to show magic to, it was a real pleasure to have performed for them.

Also, this is a side-note, but also something that was a very spectacular part of the night, there were girls that played with fire like Rodd and myself play with Cards, like it was nothing. Here's a picture.

Is that, is that fire being... BREATHED?!
A fire vixen. Vixening some... Fire, I'm not one for captions, me.

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    Polly Stevenson (Monday, 27 July 2015 12:50)

    Awesome show! Everyone loving it! Bookings flowing in! Well done young man! You will undoubtedly go far!